• – Return or exchange policy for customers who purchase through Q Ceramic
  • – Customers must inspect the products upon receipt. If any issues are found, such as the wrong model, wrong color, incomplete quantity, or damage, please reject the product immediately.
  • – Report product return issues within 7 days from the date of receipt, along with the delivery note and receipt attached.
  • – Products with issues related to manufacturing defects must undergo verification by the manufacturer in all cases. The company reserves the right to consider product exchanges or returns based on the specified conditions. The company’s decision is final.
  • – Special products from manufacturers
  • – Special imported products
  • – Wholesale-priced products
  • – Products that have been installed or used
  • – Damaged packaging that prevents resale
  • – Products that customers bought but dislike, without any product issues
  • – If customers choose to return products themselves, they are responsible for the return shipping costs. The company will provide details of the return fees separately.
  • – If customers choose to have the company handle the return, the company will charge the transportation and return fees.
  • – If the products received are incorrect, the company will gladly accept the return and provide an exchange at no cost, as long as the shipping address matches the one specified in the purchase order document.

The company reserves the right to consider product and service refunds through the following methods:

  • – Refund to the customer’s bank account within 7-15 days after the company confirms the return.
  • – Refund to the credit/debit card used for payment, with the timeframe depending on each bank’s processing.
  • – Please note that the above information is a translation of the provided text into English. It is recommended to consult the original document or contact the company for precise details and instructions regarding returns and refunds.

If customers inspect the quality and find any of the following deviations:

  • – Products that are not of standard quality.
  • – Products that are damaged inside the factory packaging.
  • – Color discrepancies within the same color lot or box.

*Please stop tiling immediately and promptly inform the company for inspection. If there is an issue, the company is willing to arrange a replacement with the manufacturer, but only for products that have not been tiled and the boxes are still in good condition.

Conditions for Product Replacement:

  • 1. Replacement or claims for breakage must be made within 7 days from the receipt of the products.
  • 2. Provide the document number and send pictures of the damaged products that need to be claimed.
  • 3. For tiles that have already been laid, the company will not be responsible for any removal costs.

Guidelines for Granite Tile Installation:

  • – Before tiling, always check the model, color, and size specified on the box to ensure they belong to the same group. Lay out 3-4 tiles in a row and report any issues to the staff for inspection or replacement.
  • – Leave a gap between tiles of at least 1.5-2 mm according to international standards, using tile spacers to achieve the standard distance and prevent tiles from shifting due to temperature fluctuations.
  • – Lay the tiles in the direction indicated by the arrow or brand on the back of the tile to reduce deviations.
  • – After installation and grouting, use materials to protect against scratches and deep-seated stains, such as plastic sheets or cardboard.
  • – Before using the floor, clean the grout thoroughly with a grout remover; do not use solutions with acidic components.
  • – Avoid placing adhesive labels under the tiles at certain points (do not use double-sided tape) as it may create air gaps between the tile and the floor, leading to tile breakage and easy water infiltration.
  • 1. Bangkok and vicinity: Products will be delivered within 1-7 days.

    *Please note that delivery terms are subject to the company’s policies

  • 2. Other provinces: Free delivery according to each manufacturer’s conditions.
  • 3. If customers prefer to use their own transport service, the company does not guarantee against breakage, damage, or loss, and no transportation charges will be reimbursed in any case.
  • 4. The company reserves the right to deliver to the ground floor only, within 10 meters of the transport parking area. Delivery to upper floors, starting from the 2nd floor and above, may incur additional charges. Please inquire about the cost if you require upstairs delivery services.